mercoledì, agosto 12, 2009

Tiziano Terzani: "The end is my beginning." My favourite quotes (to be continued...)

I'm reading for the second time Terzani's testament, his last book "The end is my beginning." Surprisingly, the book has not been translated into english, therefore all the quotes here are translated by me. I apologize for any possible mistake. All quotes are taken by Terzani, Tiziano. La Fine è il mio Inizio. Milano, Longanesi: 2006. "Books. They were my greatest friends, because there is nothing better than traveling with someone who already took the same way, who tells you how it was to compare, to catch a scent which is not there anymore, or which is not yet there [...] it is my hope that in fifty, or a hundred years, someone finds by chance one of my books among remainders or in an old library and, not knowing who I was...starts reading and recognizes me, recognizes a feelinf, something that he lived in that same country. In that moment I will live a small moment of eternity," (200). "There is a path in life. The funny thing is that you realize it just when life ends. You watch behind and you say: 'Hey look, there's a yarn.' When you live, you don't see this yarn, and yet is there. Because all decisions you take, all choices you make are determined, it's believed, by free will, but also this is a lie. They are determined by something inside yourself which is above all your instinct, and then by something Indians call karma."

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