sabato, maggio 30, 2009

Spoon river anthology: Francis Turner

"Yet I lie here
Soothed by a secret none but Mary knows; There is a garden of acacia, Catalpa trees, and arbors sweet with vines - There on that afternoon in June By Mary's side - Kissing her with my soul upon my lips It suddenly took flight."

martedì, maggio 19, 2009

Spoon river anthology: Seth Compton

From Seth Compton, in Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters [...] For I could never make you see That no one knows what is good Who knows not what is evil; And no one knows what is true Who knows not what is false.

lunedì, maggio 18, 2009

Two apologies

La prima, a quei pochi lettori di questo blog che, sebbene stuzzicati pochi in questi ultimi mesi, continuano a controllare se lo aggiorno, non capisco bene per quale masochistico motivo. Mi scuseranno, ma ho deciso di continuare a scrivere questo blog in inglese. Avevo anche pensato a una pagina parallela, ma non avrebbe mai funzionato, so benissimo che non scriverei mai lo stesso post in due lingue diverse. Per lo stesso motivo, non voglio spostarmi su un'altra pagina per scrivere in inglese, questa in fondo è stata la mia pagina in questi due anni, e non voglio abbandonarla. Al tempo stesso non voglio rinunciare a scrivere in inglese, visto che oramai ho diverse amicizie internazionali, che forse potrebbero anche essere interessae a sapere le minchiate che scrivo. Per cui, mi perdonino i lettori non anglofoni, ma è giunto il momento di imparare\esercitare l'inglese. Non che il mio inglese sia così buono, ma questo è un altro discorso. The second apology, on the contrary, is to the english speakers. You probably won't enjoy my style, but I'm quite sure you'll enjoy my mistakes. As an Italian speaker my english will never be perfect, and I simply can not wait forever to keep my non-italian friends posted on my adventures or thoughts. Not that I think these two to be so important, but since I'm going to write anyway, maybe there's someone interested over there. If you will find any mistake you can' stand, you more than encouraged to let me know it, and in this way I'll also improve my english: two birds with one stone, you'll be happy not to see it anymore, I'll be happy to write more correctly. Probably never as in this moment I feel like writing, at least in the last years. I find myself at a critical moment, not to say worse, and I need to go through writing as a real necessity, to better understand myself and what I'm going through. It might now work. I might stop writing very soon, but at least I want to give it a try. If that is the case, it will just mean that it wasn't the right path to follow to come to a better knowledge of myself.