mercoledì, ottobre 28, 2009


Showing your strong points or hiding your weak points doesn't make you stronger, but it rather makes you weaker. Showing your weak points doesn't make you weaker, but it rather makes you stronger.

martedì, ottobre 06, 2009

Spoon river anthology - Schroeder The Fisherman

I sat on the bank above Bernadotte And dropped crumbs in the water, Just to see the minnows bump each other, Until the strongest got the prize. Or I went to my little pasture, Where the peaceful swine were asleep in the wallow, Or nosing each other lovingly, And emptied a basket of yellow corn, And watched them push and squeal and bite, And trample each other to get the corn. And I saw how Christian Dallman’s farm, Of more than three thousand acres, Swallowed the patch of Felix Schmidt, As a bass will swallow a minnow. And I say if there’s anything in man— Spirit, or conscience, or breath of God That makes him different from fishes or hogs, I’d like to see it work!